Company profile

Art Giant Technology Corporation was established in 1994. At the beginning, Art Giant was mainly manufacturing waterproof sealing tape products and hot-melt adhesives.

In the recent years, Art Giant is developing more PU coating products for textile and leather industry, and TPU Honeycomb cushion products for protection gear. Art Giant has grown steadily from a lamination factory into an innovative high technology corporation.

Art Giant has 20 years of experience in manufacturing waterproof sealing tape, that can be applied to the outdoor footwear, outdoor garment, tents and waterproof industry. The specialized waterproof sealing tape can also be made according to customer’s requirements.

Art Giant is an expert in hot-melt adhesive processing. The hot melt adhesive film has been producing for shoes, clothing, trade-marks ... and many other applications. It is recognized as an environmentally friendly material by world.

Honeycomb cushion is a newly developed product by Art Giant. It has excellent shock absorbing feature, can be applied on car seat, mattress, sports equipment and protection gears.

Art Giant commits to producing the best quality products for customer. She constantly improves the production facilities, and gives employees with skill training.