Agatech Air Cushion

Agatech Air Cushion
  • Agatech Air Cushion

Agatech Air Cushion,is a TPU core can be either sandwiched or single layer of cells.

Agatech Air Cushion
Product Character

Agatech Air Cushion, TPU honeycomb is a thermoplastic polyurethane core that has been developed using a high frequency welding process. The core can be supplied either sandwiched between two face sheets of polyurethane material or stabilized by heat flanging the edges of the cells. The resulting Agatech TPU structure is flexible, redirects energy, resists fatigue, and provides cushioning.

Energy Redirection Impact Attenuation
Flexible Cushioning
Abrasion Resistant Moisture Resistant
Tear and Puncture Resistant Resilient
Fatigue Resistant Light Weight
Complete Recovery After Impact (no permanent set) Durable
Amenable to Wide Temperature Range Thermally Insulating



Agatech Air Cushion is an excellent material for any application requiring flexibility, cushioning, and withstanding repetitive impacts. This versatile honey-comb product is currently being used very successfully for energy redirection in soles of athletic footwear.
It is also a superior product for use in mattress pads, seat cushions, body protection vests, orthopedic braces, and sports protective equipment. It has excellent fatigue resistance and remains flexible at low temperatures.


Energy Return

The unique energy redirection property of Agatech Air Cushion, as compared to conventional energy absorbing foam materials, such as EVA foam, is depicted below

Type Designation

Agatech TPU honeycomb is designated as follows:
APU –9470
APU – designates thermoplastic polyurethane honeycomb
9470 – is the cell pattern made of 70A hardness TPU, such as “9470” is pattern with hexagonal cell diameter 6mm

Dimensional Nomenclature

T =Thickness, or cell depth
L =length , or Ribbon direction
W =width, Transverse direction, perpendicular to the ribbon


Cell Sizes
Agatech TPU is available in 6.0mm cell sizes. Other cell sizes may be developed depending on application quantities.

Cell Wall Thicknesses
Agatech TPU core is available with cell wall gauges 0.4mm.

For example
Cell SizeCell Wall GaugeDensity
6mm 0.4mm 0.33 g/cc

Sheet Size Dimensions
Agatech TPU is available in the following standard dimensions:
12" W x 12" L
12" W x 24" L
Other dimensions are available on request.

Agatech TPU core is available in thickness (T) dimensions from 2.0 mm minimum to 130.0 mm maximum. (Thickness of sandwich panel depends on skin thickness selected.)

Sheet Size Tolerances
L and W ± 0.5mm
T ± 0.1mm

Agatech TPU is available in the following forms:
Core, with heat flanged stabilized cell edges.
Sandwich panel, with polyurethane skins; the polyurethane skins can be perforated if required.

Agatech TPU core is available in white, blue and clear colors. Other colors can be obtained upon request.
Agatech TPU skin materials are available in clear form.

Agatech TPU Honeycomb Sandwich Structure

Polyurethane Skins
Agatech TPU sandwich panels can be provided with any combination of the following facings, for example, 0.4mm thick facing film

Standard Panels
ItemCell SizeCore ThicknessFace SkinBottom Skin
APU 9470 6.0 mm 5.0 mm 0.4 mm 0.4 mm